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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How great interior design can attract more clients to your business

I’m a designer, creating beautiful interiors that inspire and give pleasure. I’m not a plumber, a lawyer or top chef. If I wanted my loo fixed, a legal problem solved or a Michelin Starred meal, I would consult the experts.

So I am constantly surprised when business owners think interior design is something anyone can do – or they exist in bland spaces that say nothing of their skills, company values and overall ethos.  

People believe what the see, not what they hear. So if you say your company is forward-thinking and inspiring but your customers walk into a reception area that’s bland and out-dated, they simply won’t believe you.

Recently I met friends in a newly opened restaurant. While the food and staff were excellent, the interior jarred. The lighting was too bright, the furnishings mismatched, with a colour palette reminiscent of a cheap supermarket. This incohesive branding was out of kilter with the elegant food. It transpired that the owner had done his own decorating. While his cooking was fabulous, his taste in decor was not creating the ambience he’d hoped. Let’s just say we didn’t stay for pudding. 

So if you are creating a restaurant, a boutique hotel, a board room or reception area for your business, it’s crucial that the interior is consistent with your company branding. To coin two pertinent phrases: ‘Seeing is believing’ and ‘Each to his own’.

And as we all know, consulting the experts with ultimately save you money. At Home Interiors has access to trade accounts that you don’t. We tap into elements that are not available to the general public in terms of connections, resources and merchandise. Then we pull them all together to make your space unique.

And, like you, I know my trade. I understand when something wrong or right with a space, the result of 32 years of experience. I have rescued many a project that business-owners have tried to revamp, only to get frustrated when they’ve thrown money at it - then to find it’s still wrong, just in a different way

Your business space should reflect the heart of your company. And when it looks and feels right, you will attract the clients you desire.

by Hugh Jamieson, Principal Designer, At Home Interiors.